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School Management Application Development

Helping Schools by Developing School Management Application software

Education outgrows a person’s confident personality and it is becoming so important today. We at Global Information and Technology System understand that it has become essential for schools to keep track records and we help them in doing so. We are making the software for helping both teachers and students in developing the curriculum of the school and help them with class objectives. We do the following:

  • Offline or online inquiry about the admission process
  • Keeping student profiles
  • ID card systems
  • Attendance of staff systems
  • System of payroll
  • Management of result and mark sheets

Features of our school application program

  • Flexibility – Our development program is so flexible and it works properly with each configuration and required systems.
  • Generation of reports – We help in tracking a wide range of reports and data tracking for managing school institutions.
  • Providing support – We have skilled professionals for helping you with any queries or software related problems.

Advantages of our school application program

  • Data storing – Our program helps in keeping and managing details like student’s details, teacher’s progress, etc. We have all the data stored in centralized databases that can be managed easily.
  • Collaboration improvement – Our school apps help in collaboration with various organizations. There is seamless communication and we help in minimizing workload for increasing efficiency.
  • Increasing transparency with all parents – Our application at GITS helps in improving transparency and we help parents in quickly accessing all our records, keeping track of expenses, and all other advances.
  • Helping in fees collection – Our apps help in integrating with the payment systems by making it easy for parents in making fees online. We also help some schools in the generation of receipt and calculating all the fields related to fines because of late payments like the pre-set rules.

We are in this profession for more than 18 years and we are helping schools in going towards the digitized world. We support nearly all school systems and management. Our is a high-end software for meeting the increasing needs of all the colleges or schools and it is highly approved by schools.

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